The National Upholstery Association. By Upholsterers, For Upholsterers.
— Rachel Fletcher

Rachel is globally respected in the upholstery trade and a very active participant in the upholstery world through her co-moderating work in the Professional Upholsterer’s Network, which boasts over 2,100 very active global professional upholsterers on Facebook. In mid-2018 she was asked to join a small group of collaborators who were hell-bent on changing the upholstery world. At that time it was a think-tank about the upholstery trade. Little did she know the National Upholstery Association would be born from this group. In January 2019, she accepted the offer to join the think tank and began to build what is now known as the National Upholstery Association, the NUA. On May 6, 2019 Rachel Fletcher was elected President of the National Upholstery Association, unanimously, by her peers. This fledgling non-profit is already garnering worldwide attention and hopes to change the landscape of the upholstery trade in America and Canada (to start). Membership opens July 1, 2019.

Rachel Fletcher will take the stage with other master’s of their craft, at an upholstery Symposium taking place at the Custom Workroom Conference this September. The symposium takes place the day before the CWC and will be an event for other like-minded upholsters to meet each other and learn a bit more about the pros and discuss the upholstery trade through a question-answer format.

The NUA has also been invited, and will exhibit, at the CWC alongside other trade vendors at the trade show during the conference.

"We have so much in store for the upholstery world. It’s been decades since a viable organization was built for the upholstery trade and with upholsterers in mind.”

You can find more about the National Upholstery Association at: Website, Facebook, Instagram